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Do you feel constantly overwhelmed? Do you ever realize that feelings of anger or sadness have “hijacked” you and taken over control of your behaviors? Or maybe you are feeling alone and disconnected. What might it look like for you to experience feelings of peace, hope and joy more regularly? Restoration Family Therapy, LLC. desires to walk with you along your unique journey of healing and growth.

First of all, thank you for being brave enough to visit my website. You have found yourself here most likely because you are facing some type of challenge and have so far tried all that you know to resolve it, and maybe you realized recently that it is time to consider getting some extra help. It takes courage to reach out for therapy services and a great deal of bravery to risk scheduling an appointment to talk to a stranger about your personal world. The good news that brings hope to therapy participants is that I consider that all behaviors, even problematic ones, are in some way trying to accomplish something positive. Clients may feel encouraged when learning that many conflictual communication styles and negative patterns of interactions with others can be changeable and mood management skills can be developed. Some clients report experiencing a feeling of relief just from getting the first appointment set on the calendar!

I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation for you to discuss your individual needs, what you are looking for in a therapist, and to confirm you feel positive that we will make a good team to accomplish the goals that are important to you. If you chose to move forward with scheduling an appointment, I will discuss with you my policies and procedures for telehealth to make sure you feel confident. I hope you will find that the ease of accessibility to telehealth sessions from the comfort of your own home works for you. I will also discuss with you the limitations that come along with telehealth therapy. I hope that you will feel empowered by speaking with me and determining if my services may help support you and your loved ones to reach your goals. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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